We believe you get what you pay for, which is why we proudly use the highest quality screens available for all of our phone repairs. We don’t waste our time, or yours, using cheap, low quality screens. That’s what makes us different from other repair shops. There’s plenty of places that offer the “fastest” or “cheapest” repairs in town.

We offer the BEST repairs around.

We take our time- because your phone is as important to us as it is to you. In the end, no one really cares about how fast or how cheap a repair is if it only lasts a couple months or looks like you downgraded your phone to an iPhone 4.

Our premium quality OEM screens meet the same requirements as the original screen that came in your phone, and the entire repair is backed by our lifetime warranty. Which means you can trust your repair as much as we do. Bring your phone by the shop, or click below to contact us about your repair.