As a local small business, we understand the demands that meet you every day. From preventative maintenance to hardware repair, we offer services for those expected and unexpected demands, so you can focus on doing what you do best.



This is where the true value of our business service shines through. Imagine having local support just minutes away. No more wasting hours on the phone with call centers. From antivirus, to hardware repair and software support, we offer remote and on-site support for any situation that may arise. Let us give you the personal business support that you deserve.



Being organized and efficient is one of our biggest priorities, and we practice what we preach. Let us install or reorganize your networking to streamline your place of work.

  • Network switch installation

  • Router/access point installation

  • Network cabling

  • Wire management

  • Patch panel termination



Our antivirus services will keep your business running smoothly throughout the year. As an ESET Antivirus provider, we offer award winning protection for your data and hardware. ESET's multilayered technology lets you detect and react to cyberthreats quickly and effectively.

  • Ransomware shield- Monitors applications and processes that try to modify data. Blocks suspicious activity and sends you alerts.

  • Light footprint- Third-party tests prove that ESET endpoint protection has the lightest possible impact on your network.

  • Reliable assistance- Enjoy topnotch service and rapid response from highly-trained professionals. 

All of this and more, with a local friendly touch.


workstation upgrades

Whether you are looking for basic hardware or software upgrades, or want to make an impression at your place of business, we can build the machine, or custom workstation to meet any needs. Just come by the shop and see some of our one of a kind desks. We think they're pretty cool.

camera install.jpeg


Through our partnership with Secure IT Plus, we offer a wide variety of business and home monitoring and automation services.