“I’m not sure what to get – do you have any recommendations?”

That she did. As I stood outside the Waco-Cha truck, the smiling face of the boba-rista took an interest in me – how was I doing? Had I been there before? Do I like sweet drinks or no? Do I like boba with my tea? 

After answering her questions, she broke down the menu, describing the drinks they offered and what they tasted like. There was the Waco-Cha, the Milky Way, the Bee-U, and other mouth-watering specialty drinks. Their most Instagram-famous tea is the Galaxy Lemonade a colorful, layered lemonade that is the most aesthetically pleasing way to cool off this summer.


Once she finished, I felt educated on what kinds of teas they offered, but was no closer to choosing my first boba beverage. They all sounded ridiculously yummy. Now, let me explain something. I’m a born and raised Texan who drinks beverages to get caffeinated. I like my tea sweeter than most and if a drink doesn’t make me feel ready to conquer the world, is it really worth drinking? After much deliberation, I finally landed on the WaCoCo with 75% sweetness. 


This WaCoCo was way-loco. A coconut black tea with oat milk and honey had this coffee addict buzzing. Chock full of honey and caffeine from the black tea, it gave me enough energy to conquer my entire to-do list that day. Whether or not that actually happened is not something I think is necessary to disclose, but the point is I had the energy to do it. 

Meeting Devin, the co-owner of Waco-Cha and communiTEA leader, was a delight. He stopped by the shop one day to welcome us to the neighborhood, and ever since then, he’s gone above and beyond to include us in their efforts to grow the local business community in Waco. It has been a true joy getting to know him.


As Asian Americans with immigrant backgrounds, Devin and his wife JaJa craved the authentic Chinese and Taiwanese food and drinks that they loved growing up. The only problem was they couldn’t find anything in Waco that hit the spot. Instead of giving up, they decided to give back to the community they had grown to love. In June of 2018, Devin and Jaja founded Waco-Cha, a premium boba truck focused on communi-TEA. Their mission is to bring community together to instill connection through nourishment. Hospitality, culture, and community are their passions and tea is their vessel.

Devin and Jaja’s passion for growing human connection is infectious and inspiring, and we are so incredibly excited to partner with them as businesses and as friends. In fact, as of last week they began parking right outside our shop (much to the dismay of my wallet and fitness goals).

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 5.14.11 PM.png

Check out their website and be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook to be notified of all upcoming events, including where they will be parked for the weekend! You can also find the bubble tea-truck at the Waco Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning!