goods with a purpose


As new members of the Waco community, we’ve been keeping an eye out for local businesses that are making strides in Waco – the businesses who are committed to growing the community around them, to providing something unique and meaningful, to fostering goodness in the people they serve. 

One of the first stand outs from this community-grower search has been White Elephant. Their mission is a simple one: Goods with a true purpose. “White Elephant is a collective of hand curated home décor and gifts with a signature and evolving collection of artisans and makers.” Their items tell stories– whether that’s through the visual of a beautiful painting of a Texas landscape or the delicious scent of a locally handmade candle.


Mike Brock and Andrew Dishman, the co-owners and partners who founded White Elephant, are passionate about bettering the world around them, starting with the Waco community. By providing artisans and artists with a platform where they can “grow their medium in a space welcomed to all through unity in community,” they are curating a creative movement in Waco, and people are taking notice. 


One of the reasons why White Elephant jumped out at us so much was because of what they call The Collective. “The Collective is a group of 15+ artisans and makers rotating seasonally or every 90 days that are featured in our space.” 

The mission of these collective artists is to give back to the world around them. They, thanks to White Elephant’s partnership, have been able to find a simple way to leave the world a little better than the way they found it. White Elephant provides them with a free space to display their goods in order that the funds earned from the items sold can support someone in need. Their seasonal missions can range from helping someone pay for the chemotherapy treatment to supporting a mission in the Dominican Republic. 

Check out White Elephant’s website here, follow them on Instagram, Facebook, or visit them at 930 Austin Ave. in Waco, Texas.