our story


Skinny’s has been a family business from the beginning. In 2012, my brother Scott Randolph started fixing our friend’s phones on my kitchen table while we were remodeling his house. At the time, Scott was working at a local HVAC supply house and I was building cabinets. Little did we know, what started as a way for him to make a little cash to help pay for his remodel would one day turn into a full fledged business.

It wasn’t long before Scott got so busy he quit his job and started fixing phones full-time. He rented the tiniest space in the entire city and opened Skinny’s Phone Repair. Fun fact: while Scott is indeed skinny, his nickname actually comes from his coworkers made fun of him for wearing skinny jeans at the supply house.

Initially, I played the big brother card and said I thought it was a terrible idea for him to lease a space, but in early 2014, I became the first full time employee at Skinny’s. Over the next couple years, Skinny’s grew rapidly. We expanded our shop in Stephenville into what was the old City Barber Shop and opened a new shop in Decatur. Mike DeLavergne runs the Decatur shop and has been with Skinny’s since the beginning. When Scott first started out, Mike handled all the Android repairs while Scott focused on iPhones. As the business began to grow, Mike saw the opportunity to quit his job and open the shop in Decatur.

During that time period, we began to see what was available in the repair industry, and realized that what we had was different. Not just because we are a local family business, but because of the values we brought into the business. Our focus has been, and always will be, our customers. We strive to be the place where everyone knows they will find friendly, personal service, and the highest quality repairs. We aren’t here to make a quick buck. We are here to provide the best repair money can buy, which is why we only use the best parts available and offer a lifetime warranty.

We just opened our newest shop in Waco, under the helm of Jeremy Smith, a long time friend and part of the Skinny’s family since January 2018, and we are excited to become a part of the awesome Waco community.

This is the most abbreviated version of our story possible, but this blog will give us an opportunity to share more about ourselves, our individual roles in the shop, cool tips, tech advice and news, and even a weekly local spotlight where we focus on other local businesses in our cities. We hope you enjoy it, and would like to thank each one of our customers, friends and family for trusting us over the years.

Here’s a few fun pictures of the physical journey of the shop!


the original space


expansion into the barber shop


back room of the barber shop